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​16th week of the year...

Sadly we lost the second qualifier to the dutch team “We LIVE Games” in the first round. That’s a goodbye to the LGX for now.


In CS:GO the 6th gameday of the 99damage League Division 3.2 was a loss too, vicory goes to “PANTHER Red” on both maps, de_overpass (11:16) and after a mind-boggling overtime (17:19) on de_mirage.  


Our first attendance at the european league of Heroes of the Storm, the HGC Europe - Open Division was ill-fated aswell, after a free win in the first round our second enemy “MÅÅ” won with a score of 2-0.

MATCH LINK round 1
MATCH LINK round 2

A exhausting weekend comes to an end. Chin Up Gorillas!!

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Sebastian is a former cook, who started '98 as Semi-Pro in StarCraft 1 and went fast over to Counter-Strike & League of Legends and finally found its place in our monkey-house. He's our supervisor and caster about League of Legends with the instinct of an old Silverback.