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3 matches 3 wins

What a successful Tuesday, 3 matches and 3 wins. We are proud to have such a line-up.

Captain Andreas Michael “ZuiAMB” Brückners cofident 16 to 9 win on de_inferno against “NOD WEB.Gala.” in the ESL Meisterschaft CS:GO Sommer 2017 Major Ladder got us to new heights and set us 14th in the current table.



Our CS:GO FIRE team had to fight “RePublic Allyance eSports” and left the confrontation with a clear 16 to 5 win on de_cbble and 16 to 3 win on de_mirage. The team around Captain Philipp “Phil” Herzer secured their first place in group N for now. On the 20th of June they will have to fight against the team at the bottom of the table, “Visionary Gaming”.

ANGRY GORILLAS vs. RePublic Allyance eSports


The university eSports team “HTW Berlin eSports” that plays in cooperation with us in the first Counter Strike Global Offensive University eSports Germany League reached the quarterfinals and had their match against “University Gaming Bielefeld” who was second place in group 1 in the group phase. On map 1, de_mirage, it looked like we would give away the win but with a strong comeback the guys won 16 to 14. Second map was de_cbble where both teams for the first half were on one level but in second half the team around Phillip “flipse” Wagner could secure the win with a score of 16 to 12 and catapulted our team into the semifinals.


Our next enemy will be “cry' community [Siegen]” the last bastion before the FINALS.

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