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​ And another one!

On Easter Sunday we won the „Wall of Legends“ April Season #16, which was powered by Arctis. Out of 20 competing Teams, we came out as the only undefeated winner. 

We fought against „Uncivilised Thamuels“, then „SFD Gaming“, then „Die Hanfbauern“, then and then and then... the point is, if you put obstacles infront of (a) AngryGorillas in an easteregg hunt, you will get rekt.

We crushed our enemies and demanded our easternest and instead of colorful boiled eggs and chocolate the actual yield was:
1600 RP, Triumphant Ryze-Skin and 4-Win IP Boost for each Team Member.

On the following Saturday we will have our last opportunity to qualify for the Playoffs at the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience or short LGX.


Playersheet Mps
  • MPSv3
  • Sascha Riefe
  • 1987-04-16 de
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • CEO and Founder

Sascha is the founder of this project. Originally a media designer for digital and print, now a freelancer in the jungle of eSports. As our pack leader, he indicates the direction for the largest coconuts. In his spare time, he photoshops bananas into the perfect curvature.