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ANGRY GORILLAS CHAMPIONSHIP and ESL Meisterschaft Relegation

Slowly but surely 2017 is coming to an end. After League of Legends season end, which was last Tuesday, we have another Highlight for you guys, coming up in January 2018. 

We will hold our own, first „ANGRY GORILLAS CHAMPIONSHIP“. It is going to start in January, and takes place twice a month. 15 Teams will skirmish against our AngryGorillas, first in League of Legends and second in CounterStrike:Global Offensive. Later on we will add one of steam most played games 2017, Playerunknown´s Battleground.

Each time our team wins, all cash and non-cash prizes stay in the pot. So check out beforehand what prizes are currently given out at each cup. 

For the first place in each event we will have a €250 cash prize, provided by Gamer Legion. Additionally, there will be Riotpoints to win.

On January 6th 2018 we will start our cup with League of Legends.

Registrations will start as of today.

You can sign up here: Sign up

You can watch all matches on our Online TV: LINK

General Rules: LINK


The ANGRY GORILLAS CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be one of our new highlights. So follow our social media and stay tuned for updates. We hope you guys are ready for those matches and Speedruns powered by AngryGorillas.

With this, the whole AngryGorillas crew wishes everyone a merry christmas and happy new year 2018.




Playersheet Major
  • Major
  • Sebastian G. Langer
  • 1987-01-08 de
  • Berlin, Germany
  • eSports Director

Sebastian is a former cook, who started '98 as Semi-Pro in StarCraft 1 and went fast over to Counter-Strike & League of Legends and finally found its place in our monkey-house. He's our supervisor and caster about League of Legends with the instinct of an old Silverback.