Newsbanner A O C Partner

AOC.Gaming is our new partner!

We are pleased to announce our new, hopefully long lasting, partnership with AOC.Gaming. With the support and long term orientation of AOC.Gaming we look forward continuing our way to the toplevel of gaming.

With AOC.Gaming we got the right sight in every competition, because to be one of the the best, you need one of the best Monitors available. Every advantage can lead you to victory!

AOC.Gaming will also be part of the event "LAN-Berlin Lanschaft #26" and will provide our "WEB-TV", booth with some of their newest Monitors like the "AOC AGON AG251FZ" with 240Hz and many more features. Be sure to check the livestream from the "LAN-Berlin Lanschaft #26"!


Playersheet Mps
  • MPSv3
  • Sascha Riefe
  • 1987-04-16 de
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • CEO and Founder

Sascha is the founder of this project. Originally a media designer for digital and print, now a freelancer in the jungle of eSports. As our pack leader, he indicates the direction for the largest coconuts. In his spare time, he photoshops bananas into the perfect curvature.