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Brand New CS:GO Main Team

Today we are more than happy to announce the new ANGRY GORILLAS CS:GO Main Team. After breaking up with their old organisation “Tribunal eSports e.V.” the team played as “FIVETEAMMATES” before laying their trust on us as we do on them to go along together and achieve great things in CS:GO. Under team captain and IGL Andreas Michael "ZuiAMB" Brückner the lineup will be as following:

  • Andreas Michael "ZuiAMB" Brückner - Captain & IGL

  • Tim "foxie" Pickerodt  - Entry

  • Florian "Staatsfeind Nr1" Slavicek - AWP

  • Alex "khalifa" Rasquin - Entry 

  • Tim "speeX" Gründer - Allrounder

Coach & Stand-In :

  • Oliver "hossa" Keller - Coach & StandIn

  • Alexander "aleX" Keller - Coach & StandIn

As stated above, Oliver "hossa" Keller and Alexander "aleX" Keller, also widely known in the CS community will act as stand-ins and coaches for the team.

Today the team will have their first match under the name of ANGRY GORILLAS in the “ESL Meisterschaft CS:GO Sommer 2017 Major Ladder”

ESL Meisterschaft CS:GO Sommer 2017 Major Ladder Rankings
The enemy will be drawn 5 minutes before the match starts.


Additionally, good news are coming from the UeG, our HTW eSports CS:GO team has been qualified with a score of 9 points in group phase. They will proceed in the quarter finals of the University eSports Germany League Season 1.


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  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Miles Döring
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  • Berlin, Germany
  • PR Director

Miles Döring, a student for international media and computing, is now in charge of social media and the online / offline presence around our highly prestigious teams. This Gorilla is here, to bring you the fastest news fresh out of the jungle!