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CS:GO Line-up for the upcoming winter season

We would like to take the time to introduce you to our CS:GO Line-up for the upcoming winter season.

The line-up is covered by:


Lars “KuschL” Krischey – Coach & Manager

Steven "lnstrQ" Krug  – Entry

Christian “chrizzo” Steinmüller – 2nd Entry

Robert “bLacKKKKKKKK” Windemuth  –  AWP

Philipp ”Phil” Herzer – Support

Thomas “ -_madLOCKK ” Heinz  –  Support


As some of you might recognize those names — yes, those are familiar names.

With delight, we are announcing that our Academy Team successfully graduated to our main team!

The team showed in the past impressive performances in their matches and reliableness towards each other and especially the organization.

For the time, they have been playing for the Angry Gorillas, the team proved their potential and their ambition to aim for higher goals and more success — but also the will to work for it.

This reaffirmed us in our decision to put our trust in the team to represent us in the upcoming season as CS:GO Main Team of ANGRY GORILLAS.

With all this said we would also like to say a special Thank you to Lars ”KuschL” Krischey — who demonstrated his ability as Coach and Manager. His guidance and the teams’ effort


We wish the team all the best for the upcoming season!



Playersheet Shads
  • Shads
  • Stefanie Slugecic
  • 1990-05-10 hr
  • Aachen, Germany
  • PR Manager

With a bias for social media and gaming – Stefanie is a member of the PR Team which is running our social media channels. Spending her early years with mostly MMO games she later discovered her liking for FPS and MOBA.