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Double points for the ANGRY GORILLAS

Important points for the Gorillas in League of Legends, start of the 99damage league in CS: GO and first points in the CS: GO Intermediate. A quick review of the past week in CS: GO and League of Legends.


In League of Legends we went against our long-term rival AEG. A very important match in the lower part of the table. In the first game our coaches Jannik "Wiesel" K. and Nicholas "NekoNero" Müller managed a very good draft, which paved the way for victory. Our jungler Philip "Nemesis" Maron brought our Midlaner well into the game and in the 10^th^ minute Jochannes "Jochnes" Leo got an important Triple Kill with his Karma. The early game was dominated by our jungler. The late game was carried by our 8/1/3 ADC Aaron Zeniv "Salák. The whole team did a great job and so our team secured three important points.


In the second game we started on the Blue Side. With the enemies mixed draft, we couldn't find into the game, especially the surprise pick Jinx on Scofield were a real bothered for us. We had to admit defeat after a failed Baron Nashor in the 28th minute


We parted with a 1 to 1 and another three points for us. Currently we are on seventh place in the ESL championship.

Three tough tasks waits us next week: on Wednesday we play against the champions SPG. Saturday is the second ACC Master Qualification Cup, and we are playing the KCS Cup.

In the CS: GO area we got our first points through a default win. Division 3.12 in the 99damage Liga officially starts and on Tuesday 21:00, we will have our first match against "proletarians without tactical talent".



Playersheet Villi
  • Villi
  • Nathalie Strahler
  • 1997-10-19 de
  • München, Germany
  • Marketing Director

Villi has already discovered the love of computer games quite early. Since spring of 2016 she is playing League of Legends. The first time she was in touch with Esport, was in the beginning of 2017, when she worked as a graphic designer for other named organizations. Since August 2017, she has been an integral part of the Angry Gorillas.