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ESL LoL Meisterschaft Winter 2017!!!

ESL League of Legends Meisterschaft, we made it!!

After beating “EnRo GRIFFINS” with a score of 2 to 1 last night in the “ESL Meisterschaft Sommer 2017 LoL Relegation”-semifinals  we made a big step towards the ESL LOL Meisterschaft. We are proud and wish our players best of luck in the future. Today “Astana” will play against “Lusanne-Sport eSports” to determine the next “ESL Meisterschafts Team”.


Apart from that we also attended the gamescom last week - and wow was it a good time :)
Not only did we have many important and successful meetings - but we also got the chance to meet so many of you guys!
Our girls, Marie “xMeowlinax”, Lisa “MissMagicMid” and Kim “Goldpfote” had a blast working everyday… apart from working they enjoyed the gamescom with meeting tons of nice people and at the same time got the chance to do so many giveaways !!!

Our PUBG duo consisting of Timo “Horstor” Prestin and Martin “goodspeed” Muc tried their luck at the gamescom PUBG Invitational but sadly couldn’t qualify for the main tournament.


We also have so many things up in the pipeline which we hope we can present to you soon. Oh and by the way - do you want to join us shape the “Angry Gorillas” ??
Check out some of our openings !!




Go Go Gorillas !!!


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