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ESL Meisterschaft & 99Damage recap

This week our LoL Main Team tried their best at the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 Qualifier 1 but sadly got stuck in the semifinals. Our first game was won as a “freewin” after that in the quarterfinals “Die 5 unglaublichen 4” had a hard time with us.

We won the quarterfinals and proceeded on to the semifinals where “Liandrid was the problem” were already waiting to beat us 2-0 and go on to win the qualifier.

We will take another chance and try our best at the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 Qualifier 2 next week.

Here you can find a summary of our encounters:

Angry Gorillas ESL Meisterschaft Summary

In Counter Strike our CS:GO Main Team was defeated right in the first round, the enemy “SLOTHSQUADRON!” had a clear win with 5-16.

That game also got casted by Sascha “MPSv3”, here we have a VOD from our game against “SLOTHSQUADRON”

VOD - Angry Gorillas vs. SLOTHSQUADRON

To sum up our games at the 99Damage Relegations matches, we have to say that it didn’t go as hoped. We won our first game versus “INETS” following a loss against “N7 eSports” and a loss in the lower bracket as well. There we had to fight “Tactical Riot Gaming“, that’s where our relegation ended. But nonetheless in future we have to give our best and we will get rewarded with the sweet taste of victory again.

Go Go Gorillas!


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