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AngryGorillas are getting bigger and bigger!

Tomorrow, April 23rd, is our last chance to qualify for the LGX Playoffs. Only the first 2 teams of tomorrows bracket will move on to the grand final, which will take place on May 13th and 14th on a big stage of the LGX.

The following is the prizepool set by the LGX (all gift card valid at Saturn Luxembourg City):

1st  prize (500 € per person): € 2,500
2nd  prize (250 € per person): € 1.250
3rd  prize (150 € per person): € 750
4th  prize (100 € per person): € 500 

For more details visit the LGX-Hompage.


We welcome two new teams to our ranks. A new CS:GO Team, Codename „ICE“, with ingame Leader Justin „AQUA“ Pogurschi and Coach „cro0me1337“. A new Team to cause new insecurities for others in the CS:GO-scene.

Last but not least our new Heroes of the Storm Team. A young and dynamic Team to rule the Nexus. Not to forget their female Support-Player Carmen „Obst“ Vester, who will make sure, that everyone stays alive.


Playersheet Mps
  • MPSv3
  • Sascha Riefe
  • 1987-04-16 de
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • CEO and Founder

Sascha is the founder of this project. Originally a media designer for digital and print, now a freelancer in the jungle of eSports. As our pack leader, he indicates the direction for the largest coconuts. In his spare time, he photoshops bananas into the perfect curvature.