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We had the opportunity to test a really great product — The Iiyama Gold Phoenix 32 inch monitor. In this review we'll give you a brief overview with a highlight video waiting at the end. Have fun!

The GOLD PHOENIX is a superlative 32 inches curved Monitor. With its smart design and without any knickknack´s it looks very elegant. The curved display matches the human eye, this allows for a real gaming experience. With a refresh rate of 144HZ, the displayed graphics are smooth and crisp.

With integrated AMD FreeSync ™ on the GOLD PHOENIX, images are further enhanced, thanks to the improved frame sequences.

In addition, the monitor is equipped with a good speaker system, where you could also connect your headphones to. Thanks to the extra designated headphone holder at the back, you can stash away your headphones with ease. 

Let's get to the hard facts of this display: with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, FULL HD picture experience (1980 x 1080), contrast ratio 3000: 1 typical and 50,000,000: 1 ACR and a response of 3ms, this display leaves nothing to be desired open. The connections options are also quite impressive: With VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort all kinds of inputs are covered.


Quick side note: this monitor is also compatible with all Apple Macintosh computers. The box contents comes with all accessories you need: power cable, HDMI cable, Displayport cable and the headphone holder we mentioned earlier.

So for anyone who has always wanted a curved Monitor, is a well served with the IIYAMA 32 inch GOLD PHOENIX. For us, it's a clear buy recommendation, the price to performance ratio is just too awesome.


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