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Interview with Basti "Major" Langer

Hey Basti! Let's just jump into the questions. Your main game as Progamer is League of Legends. What were the first games you ever played and which memories do you have with them?

Yes, League of Legends is my main game and I was a pofessional player in my active times. At the moment I'm busy dealing with things in my clan so I'm not up to date. My first game was "Sonic The Hedgehog" on the SEGA MEGA DRIVE console and i still love it, it's great. My player career began with Starcraft 1, Warcraft 3 "The Frozen Throne" and one season Counter Strike until I discovered League of Legends. That adds up to 15 years into eSport now. You see, I'm not getting younger. (laughs)

What is so fascinating about eSports and how did you get to the Angry Gorillas?

The competition with others is what makes it so fascinating about it for me, even if sometimes my fainess and humanity gets in the way. The Angry Gorillas asked me if i wanted to take care about the League of Legends part and I did. I got the team in the top 15 in germany. There were two reasons why I joined: the first thing is, that I like the alternative way we see eSport and the second one is that the project manager Sascha "MPSv3" Riefe is a good friend of mine with whom I already worked together at the LAN Berlin.

To what extent has eSports connections to your job? What are your wishes for the future and in which way will eSport change in the next years?

My job (I'm a cook) has nothing to do with eSport and besides the CK-99 Gaming Lounge where I cooked and casted my work had no points of contact. My wishes for the future of eSports are a higher acceptance of the society which has to improve by the players and fans. Germany should take an example at other countries where eSport is accepted as a real sport already. But it should not only be accepted as a sport but also as a real job where you can earn money like a footballplayer for example.

If you could get the possibility so sit in a time machine, where would you travel and why would you do it?

I love this question because I would like to live in the middle ages just like in the feauture, to see if it will be like we imagine it, for example in Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars. I want to be a knight or Jedi but you know, I'm just a nerd. (laughs)

Go Go Gorillas!