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Interview with Kim "Goldpfote" Adam

So, Goldpfote, as a streamer you often do “IRL Streams”, but what was the first game you ever played and which memories do you have with it?

Oh this is hard to remember but the reason I started was definitely my brother. When I was 8 we had our first computer in the bedroom of our parents. The games we played I can still think of were “Worms”, “Age of Empires”, “Ceasar”, “Hugo” and “Roller Coster Tycoon”, later “Sims”. But in the beginning I just watched my brother play, like a let’s play in a twitch stream, I guess. (laughs)

How did you get into watching streams and why did you start yourself?

As a teenager I played for like 7 years “World of Warcraft”. Back then, Twitch was completely new and we learned how to win a boss fight by watching streams of raids. At this time many streamer had their camera on the keyboard so you could see the macros. (laughs) After my “WoW” time I used to watch a Canadian couple. I always wanted to stream myself but my hardware was not good enough until 2015.

How did you get to know the Angry Gorillas and what do you like about us?

Patrick “Uthanak” Morina came directly to me and asked if I wanted to join. As a result of that we know each other this was no big deal. Usually I was always skeptical about requests from teams but I am happy with my choice. The “familiar environment” is exactly what fits to myself. As long as they forgive me that I won’t stream 5 days a week because of my job, I don’t think they will get rid of me soon. I am pleased to get to know you all personally to tell more about the Angry Gorillas the next time. (laughs)

That’s also what the interviews are for. (laughs) Is there any game at the moment particularly interesting for you and which kind of content can the audience expect in your stream?

Since I play all kinds of games like ”Minecraft”, “League of Legends”, “PUBG”, “Roller Coster Tycoon” and “World of Warcaft”, I can hardly tell. I like to try everything, especially new games. At the moment I am hyped for “Hellblade” which will be released on the 8th of August. Besides I frequently do “IRL Streams” – I want to use the section more often. For example I currently have an offer from – so far away from gaming! (laughs)

In the IRL category you share your private life with your community. How important is privacy towards the audience for you and how deep is your connection to your viewers?

At first I wanted to stream with a wig on my head and call myself “Jellybelly” (look it up, the channel really exists!). This did not work out – I am too undisciplined in my stream. My viewers know almost everything about me because I am very negligent with my address or personal experiences. This is why I am different to other streamers, I am very (maybe too) open. But my privacy is nonetheless not public, the topic relationship won’t be mentioned again and I would never ever show my kids. Though I still invited 5 viewers for gamescom over to my house. I am very split between what I publish and what not but the important thing for me is that others don’t expose private information about me, I want to decide for myself. If a viewer shares my mobile phone number (my moderators have them) with the community this would be something totally different.

In what extend does streaming connect to your job and what are your hobbies besides sitting in front of the camera?

My job has nothing to do with gaming or esport. I had to choose and decided to be self-employed, but I have many connections to game publisher and eSport teams. I have some open job offers and I am not completely averse. Indeed my strength is social media so I would rather work as a community manager or something like this. Like I said I would like to stream more IRL stuff and take my viewers with me, wherever I go, in the park or in cafes, so what I usually do.

You mentioned eSport, what do you think, how will it also in relation to streaming change in the next view years, especially in Germany?

I think it’s just a question of time until eSport is accepted as an Olympic discipline. This business is getting more relevant and for example Hamburg is trying everything to strengthen eSport in their city. We’re far behind in Germany but the relevance is increasing steadily. Streaming in contradiction is growing in wideness, more people sing and dance in their streams, it’s not only gaming anymore. Gaming will always be the main thing – but it’s getting more diverse. I could talk about this for hours! (laughs)

But we are already coming to our last question, do you have any role model or inspiring personality, do you see yourself as one and what would you tell people who want to start streaming?

There are streamers that I am watching regularly but not before I started myself so I wouldn’t call them role model. I myself see me as a role model for others which should every streamer do. I get mails from viewers about their personal problem and act as kind of a psychologist for them. You should be aware about your responsibility. Tips for people who want to start streaming would maybe be to not have the ambitions to earn money with it or get famous. You should be passionate about it and that’s the key.

Go Go Gorillas!