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With the third week of the ESL Championship behind us – we have some news to share

After careful consideration, we decided to form two Botlane teams. The new partner of Tom “Kyray” Lienau is Trieu Anh Khoa “DwanGo” Vu and Aaron “Zeniv” Salák continues to play with Lenny “Nightshock” Welter at his side.

The opponent of last week was ALTERNATE ATTaX. This time again it was a very difficult challenge for the ANGRY GORLLAS.

In the first game, we tried a late game combination consisting of: Shen, Ezreal, Orianna, Kog'Maw and Lulu against Jayce, Sejuani, Azir, Varus and Thresh. With these choices, everything was set for a late game.

In the fifth minute “ATN Phrenic” set the second Counter Gank in this game with his Sejuani, which gave ATN two kills. With his first Counter Gank on the Botlane, he already forced our Botlane to use Heal and Flash. Our aG Tunaraz was able to put a lot of pressure on the lane with his Ezreal, but unfortunately, we could not take advantage of it and after 10 minutes we were already 3: 1 behind. The one kill was the reward of a good “true shot barrage” by aG Tunaraz, which reached its goal far over the map.


ALTERNATE ATTaX put a lot of pressure in the Rift and soon after the first towers started to fall. Ultimately, ATN played the match neatly and could end the game in the 30th minute.

For the second match coach Patrick “Patbercoach” Bertelsbeck remained true to his line with his picks of Tristana and Morgana — one of his favourite Botlane combinations. The team was completed with Cassiopeia, Cho’Gath and Maokai. ATN remained loyal to Varus and formed a good combination with Gnar, Gragas, Azir and Nami. Especially “ATN Wendelbo” with his Thunderlord Nami showed that they wanted to put a lot of pressure in the early game.


This method proved to be the best and as a result ATN gained fast control over the Botlane. The first ten minutes the game seemed balanced. However, due to bad communication and misplays, we lost the first tower on the Botlane after ten minutes. Afterwards ATN put a lot of pressure on the Botlane and could bind many of our resources. Because of bad vision, we lost control of the game and had some unnecessary kills on our side. After getting Nashor in the 24th Minute, ATN could quickly finish the game.

This week the duel against “Attempting to Reconnect” awaits us. It will be a game for crucial points for the relegation.

Unfortunately, we had to go separate ways with our head coach Patrick “Patbercoach” Bertelsbeck. We will announce during this week who will take his place as new head coach of the team.

Our CS:GO guys had two victories in the last three matches and are therefore now standing 3: 6. Despite a very well-played match against “unplayable_”, we got defeated with 16: 13 on de_cache. In the second game, we were supposed to play on de_overpass against “Vengeance-ESLM”, but since they did not report for the match we received a win by default. On Sunday, the follow-up match against xeniuM Gaming took place, and we could win with 16 to 6.


This Wednesday we are facing DRUCKWELLE eSports eV on de_overpass.

Like Gorillas on their search for golden bananas we will give our best to have a successful week!



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Villi has already discovered the love of computer games quite early. Since spring of 2016 she is playing League of Legends. The first time she was in touch with Esport, was in the beginning of 2017, when she worked as a graphic designer for other named organizations. Since August 2017, she has been an integral part of the Angry Gorillas.