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League of Legends eSport Bundesliga

Our League of Legends Teams are participating in the Deutsche eSport Bundesliga!

What is the LoL eSport Bundesliga?
The tournament is a german one. Each match is taken out in a Best-of 2. The 24 participating Teams are splitten in 4 different Divisions, sorted by their skill with each 6 teams.

Main Team: Division D
First Matchday (01.10.2016):
After the first matchday we were sharing the second Place with SFD-Gaming who was also our first enemy. Unfortunately they won the first game of that BO2-Series undeserved because we couldn't compete at the given time and them consisting on their free win. In the second game we've finally stomped them to end the series in a 1:1 tie.
Second Matchday (12.10.2016)
Our second match was against "Möw3n". Both games of the Best-of 2 were very single-sided and we won the 2 games in under 20 minutes. That makes us ending on a second place after Rip Dàwid.
Third Matchday: Again, we won in a 2:0 against "Stingray Esports" and picked up our 5. win in this Division.
Fourth Matchday (25.10.2016):
We would have played against the leading team "Rip Dàwid". Unfortunately we had no full roster (Click here to read the reason) and couldn't participate. That caused us to give them 2 free wins.
Fifth Matchday (29.10.2016)
Our last enemy "Teen Wolfffs" decided to cancel the game and give us the series for free.

We ended the Division D with a 7:3 on the second place, after "Rip Dàwid". Now we need to prepare ourselves for the first game of the Playoffs at the fifth of november against "Adrenaline".

Academy Team: Division B
First Matchday (01.10.2016)Unfortunately, our Academy Team couldn't participate at the first Matchday because a player unexpectedly left the team one day before it started.
Second Matchday (08.10.2016)2:0 win against "EG Pinke Eulen"
Third Matchday (15.10.2016)2:0 win against "NoSkillButBalls"
Fourth Matchday (22.10.2016)2:0 win against "Redstar Lions".
Fifth Matchday: Will be played-out soon.

This article will be updated after every matchday.

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