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LOL season conclusion ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2016

In retrospective of our first season we are proud of the archived goals. After the final cup in the ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2016 group stage we are on the 16th place, which is very pleasing for our first season in professional eSports. We would like to thank all of our fellow participants for the challenging matches and we wish them all the best for the finals.

All of our efforts are pointed to the next season and the process of finding new players for the team is already ongoing. Our Director of eSport Sebastian 'Major' Langer and our new coach Patrick 'Patber1996' Bertelsbeck are in charge of forming the new team around Anton 'ThoRax' Eslauer who stays the team captain for the next season. After the fact that we lost 3 players in the middle of the season we are concentrating on sustainability within the new formed team.

We are excited for the new challanges and the next goal is to build up on the results that we archieved in this season. We will inform you about all the details as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

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Sascha is the founder of this project. Originally a media designer for digital and print, now a freelancer in the jungle of eSports. As our pack leader, he indicates the direction for the largest coconuts. In his spare time, he photoshops bananas into the perfect curvature.