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Finally, the time has come — the ANGRY GORILLAS enter the ESL Meisterschaft. In this regard we wanted to take the time to introduce to you our new League of Legends Line-Up who will do their best to conquer the title for us.

The Team:

Pascal “Feedley” Riecksneuwöhner - (Toplane)

Theofilos “Tunaraz” Papadopoulos - (Jungle)

Aleksi “Kehvo” Merta - (Midlane)

Aaron “Zeniv” Salák - (Marksman) 

Tom “Kyray” Lienau - (Support)

Lenny “Nightshock” Welter - (Support)

The Staff:

Nathalie "Villi" Strahler - (Manager)

Patrick “Patbercoach” Bertelsbeck - (Coach)

Nicholas ”NekoNero” Mueller - (Analyst)

For the upcoming season we gathered some old friends as well as new talents - who are rising from the Summoner’s Rift. Let’s take a glimpse on what our team looks like.

The coaching team consists of head coach Patrick “PatbercoachBertelsbeck and analyst Nicholas “NekoNero” Mueller. Both are familiar faces which you probably know from former AG Line-Ups - both guys which we wouldn’t want to miss.

Melanie “BlÆNK” Richter is in charge of the teams management.

Let’s take a closer look at the team which will be fighting for us in the Rift. Starting off with the toplane, we have Pascal “Feedley” Riecksneuwöhner who will defend our tower there. In jungle, we have a guy who is all too familiar with the ESLM: Theofilos Tunaraz” Papadopoulos roams the woods and operates as shotcaller too.

The Mid will be held by our Finnish friend Aleksi Kehvo” Merta who turns every situation into an opportunity to win.

Moving on to our bot lane team, we have the two supports Tom “ KyrayLienau and the Belgian Lenny “Nightshock” Welter. Both work and train as hard as they can to support the team on their way to victory.

Our Marksman in the team is Aaron “ZenivSalák. Despite his young age, he is able to show experienced players how the wind blows.

The whole ANGRY GORILLAS team works hand in hand to prepare and support our main team in the best way possible to have a good start to this season. We are stoked for our first ESL Meisterschaft and can’t wait for all the challenges which have yet to come.

GO GO Gorillas !!!


Playersheet Villi
  • Villi
  • Nathalie Strahler
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  • München, Germany
  • Marketing Director

Villi has already discovered the love of computer games quite early. Since spring of 2016 she is playing League of Legends. The first time she was in touch with Esport, was in the beginning of 2017, when she worked as a graphic designer for other named organizations. Since August 2017, she has been an integral part of the Angry Gorillas.