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MA - Rocket League

The "Matcharena" is a Team that is organizing eSport Tournamets e.g. for CS:GO, Fifa, HotS or Rocket League, where our Team participated.

We won the first round in a sovereign 2:0 against "Oachkatzlschwoaf". The next two rounds against "Kloppy&Nod" and "Delta X" were very rough series but we were able to decide both of them for us in a 2:1. Our last enemie was in the semifinal against "Precious" who finally took us out in a 2:1. Anyway we are proud to say that we got under the top 4 of 32 Teams. Good job to our two participating Players Gerrit "Dr.Mallory" Scheelen and Philip "Basara" Kopp!

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@Can "Naceed" Nen

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