Magic, Fear and Joy

Our weekend was filled with magic, fear... and joy.

Jonas Bachstädter, our new magic player attended his first event as a gorilla. At the MKM Frankfurt he showed us what a skilled Magic player can do with his cards. Saturday was his day! With a 7-0 streak the organizers noticed him and invited him to talk about his deck in an interview.

Marie “xMeowlinax” did a three part stream of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard where not only she but all viewers shared the thrill of excitement and fear.

But also something beautiful happened this weekend. Lisa “Missmagicmid” streamed 12 hours straight and raised an enormous amount of 1110 € for a good cause. All of the donated money will be donated to an animal protection organization.

A big thank you to Lisa and everyone who donated! You supported rescued animals with a chance for a better life.

@Miles "Oda" Döring 


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  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Miles Döring
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  • Berlin, Germany
  • PR Director

Miles Döring, a student for international media and computing, is now in charge of social media and the online / offline presence around our highly prestigious teams. This Gorilla is here, to bring you the fastest news fresh out of the jungle!