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Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished! — The ANGRY GORILLAS get their first points against the German League of Legends runner-up ATR.

Our Gorillas scored points for the first time in the German League of Legends championship in the latest match day.

We played against the German runner-up Attempting to Reconnect. We also succeeded a victory against the traditional clan Druckwelle e.V. in CS:GO. So today we can tell you about the first part of the search for the golden bananas.

As we announced last week; we have a new head coach! We are very pleased that our analyst Nicholas "NekoNero" Müller takes over the head coach position with immediate effect. His first game, as already announced above against the German runner-up Attempting to Reconnect, has been a very important game for us.

The draft was as expected — both teams locked the usual meta-picks. NekoNero decided on a late-game combination for the first round and emphasised his decision with Nidalee.

The first match started off directly with an invade on the part of ATR, but our Gorillas reacted calmly and therefore no First Blood fell. The response from our team followed soon after when LeBlanc and Jayce were lost in our jungle and were greeted by Cho’Gath, Nidalee and Ryze. ATR Kirito had to give his life at this point which meant 1: 0 for ANGRY GORILLAS.

Despite the good lead through the First Blood, our towers started to fall like dominoes. Zeniv and Kyray were able to get the first tower on the Botlane for us in the 16^th^ Minute only.

The essential game change took place in the 17^th^ Minute when a team-fight in the Top-Jungle took place - which our team could decide for themselves. Due to this advance, the ANGRY GORILLAS tore down the Midlane Tower.

The next ten minutes were balanced and despite a messed-up team fight, the team succeeded to get a Baron-buff to two of our men. After some back and forth we could land a good catch and finished the game in the 33th Minute with a win for us.

For the second draft, almost everything remained as in the first match. Only Zeniv and Kehvo choose other Champs. However, NekoNero brought a decisive move this time: he left Kalista open to force ATR to pick Thresh, since he had recognized him as a weakness in the opponent team. And lo and behold! ATR took our trap and picked Thresh again.

Play of the Week: LINK

The second mistake ATR made was to not ban Azir. This gave Kehvo the opportunity to play with all his skills and stand his ground against LeBlanc. There were not many spectacular scenes for the spectators for the first 15 minutes. The first move was made in the 16^th^ minute when the Toplane turret of ATR fell. After this our team turned to the Herald and pushed the Botlane to the inhibitor. On the way, they took down Trundle and an Ocean Drake.

After the Botlane inhibitor fell the team retreated to place themselves with four people around the Baron while Cho’Gath put pressure on the Botlane. The plan was to get the Nashor and run into the enemy base. Unfortunately, ATR Jester had a disconnect at minute 23:52 and made his team name all honour. "Attempting to Reconnect" – this will probably still be written on his screen. The fact is, LeBlanc couldn’t return the game and after 5 Minutes ATR gave up the match.

This meant a 2:0 for the ANGRY GORILLAS!

This was the first big step for us to keep our spot in the league. Additionally, Nicholas "NekoNero" Müller celebrated a successful debut within his new role and was thus able to reap the fruits of many weeks of work. In the upcoming week, we are again looking forward to an important match. This time against Lausanne-Sport eSport. With another victory in this match, we can get a big step closer to our goal.


Now we dedicate ourselves briefly to the CS: GO area, where it also went to the point versus Druckwelle e.V. last Wednesday night. Our CS: GO guys were able to win through with 16:10 on de_overpass. With this our team improved considerably following a bad start to the season and is in the league therefore now standing with 4 wins to 6 lose. This is currently the 52^nd^ place.

We will be able to share some additional GOOD NEWS with you which we will share in detail in the upcoming weeks. So be excited and visit our page regularly!



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