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Much was going on last week

The ANGRY GORILLAS jungle was quite a busy one this week. We fought “Euronics Gaming” in the ESLM and our CS:GO team conquered “BLUEJAYS Academy White” and “nVision eSportz - White”, in addition to that we held a PUBG community event and our LOL guys won their crucial matches in the VCA but more on that will come thursday on a “Weekly Report Special” !

After .. well underperforming the last match days against “Esport Lausanne Sports” everyone wanted to perform at their best. And that we did to an extend, we played two really good games in terms of strategic behaviour but should quickly be reminded that ESG is on the top of the league.

The first match began with a strong draft coming from our headcoach Nicholas “NekoNero” Müller. We got Cho’Gath, Nidalee, Azir, Xayah and Rakan. Coach “Bröki”’s draft consisted of Maokai, Jarvan IV, Malzahar, Tristana and Braum. First game started quickly with an invade by ESG in our jungle. ESG’s “Don Arts” Braum directly stepped in our trap and got caught by Theo “Tunaraz” Papadopoulos Nidalle, ESG’s “Scarface” on Maokai barely made it out the fight.

That was quite a good start for our team with a 500 gold lead. These tense first ten minutes were accompanied with damage trades and taunts from which the enemies unfortunately made it out alive. In minute twelve our botlane started a really strong play against ESG’s "Sedrion" who was at this time alone on his lane. Tom “Kyray” Lienau opened the fight up and our marksman Aaron “Zeniv” Salák finished him to score a vital kill. We delivered a good game, but we quickly got torn down to the ground again and had to realise that ESG doesn’t lead the board for nothing. Nonetheless our team played a strong game and viewers in the stream really got something to see.  

Coach Nicholas “NekoNero” Müller again provided a strong draft with Gnar, Xin Zhao, Corki, Kalista and Alistar now starting on the blue side. ESG’s draft was made up of Shen, Jarvan IV, Azir, Tristana and Zilean.

And again our botlane could score first blood and Theo “Tunaraz” Papadopoulos started strong with a kill.

We held a strong hand over ESG in game two’s early game and on minute twelve we got a quick rotate to botlane and stomped the tower with five people there. Click here to watch this clip in our “Play of the week”.

Play of the Week: LINK

After this play we could secure this tower first blood we could destroy another three towers on toplane while ESG only got two of our botlane towers. Right after that a giant teamfight broke lose in which no side had to take a loss. In minute sixteen we unfotunately lost a fight in our jungle which left only two players of our team alive.

Minute eighteen, we cleared Harold.

Only two minutes after that we made a game determining mistake. With Harold and a teleport by Aleksi “Khevo” Merta the plan was to seperate ESG what unluckily didn’t work and ESG cleared our team and got Baron Nashor shortly after that ESG could finish game two.

But see for yourself:


We sadly couldn’t stand up to ESG’s strong line up this time. Eve with good tactics and first blood on our side this time it shouldn’t be and ESG secured another two points.

Much better news came from another tournament we are competing in, we won the last two matches in the “Vienna Challengers Arena” and got ourselves a ticket to Vienna. In the ESLM our next enemy will be “Aequilibritas eSports” which will be a crucial encounter because tracks will be set for 2018. Now is the time to go into us and fight with all our power to win this matchup.
More to the VCA will be covered in our “Weekly Report Special” this thursday at 2:00 pm.

Quick change to another game. Our CS:GO team could leave last week with positive stats from a so called “default win” because the enemy could not make it in time to match start. These are important points for us but they come with a disadvantage, fighting strong teams build us up and make us better so every match is something we can learn from. Sunday evening we again scored a default win and got ranked 26th.



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