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A new monkey within the monkey gang

We are happy to present you the new member of our online tv segment today:

Noah “JidoWu” Salak

Noah become a permanent part of our team in january 2018.  He discoverd his passion for games at an early age.  Streaming is now one of his hobbys as well.

He provides high quality speedruns to his viewers with his show “Just in Time by JidoWu” on a weekly basis. You can watch him beating his personal bests each thursday from 18 to 20 o'clock on our online tv channel. Aport from that he also streams on his own channel "JidoWu

What actualy are Speedruns? A Speedrun is the completition of a game within a (strived) quickest possible time. A distinction can be made between different types of speedruns. The primary motivation of a player who is doing a speedrun is to beat the record in which the game was completed. The requirement on dexterity and control to a speedrunner are much higher than to a normal gamer. Therefore the achived times of a speedrun are much lower than nthose for a normal playthrough. Classic titels to speedrun are often jump 'n' runs like Super Mario Bros.

Interview with JidoWu

What made you start streaming? "I watch streams daily since 3 years and now the desire came up to stream myself. It started with Hearthstone, then the speedruns, after that League of Legends and finaly PUBG. Currently I only watch CS:GO streams."

What exactly made you start speedrunning (and streaming those)? "This is actualy a funny story. During holiday i played New Super Mario Bros 2 on my Nintendo 3DS. After I found all the secret passages, I notices that you can complete this game in a realy short amount of time. Out of sheer curiosity I started a timer on my phone to see how quickly i can rush through this game. So I discoverd speedruns for myself even before getting some information about it on google. After entering my final time I realized that I placed myself on the worlds 11th place. That was back in 2016 and during this moment it was clear to me: I want to stream speedruns."

Do you have favourite games? "Its not that easy to settle on this, because I like many games. I realy like Shovel Knight, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Mario Odyssey. But The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario 64 and PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS are also realy great."

Wich console do you like the most and why? "I am a total fan of Nintendo. But I think i am probably not the only one. Everyone love Nintendo, because the games and the flair are just awesome. Currently I am using the Nintento Switch."

Are there games you never want to play? "Yeah, horrorgames are nothing that I can enjoy,because in the descents I nearly shit myself. But if the viewers are asking kindly, I maybe will think about it..grin.."

Do you interakt with your chat? "For sure. Interaction with my followers is realy important to me. Otherwise I could have become an solo entertainer.

Will you play games with your viewers together? "Sure. My thoughts lean towards Quiplash. It is ideal."

Who inspired you to stream? "Papaplatte and DrDisRespect. I celebrate them all the time."

What are your goals for this year? "Becoming a twitch partner is definitely a goal I want to achive this year."

Thank you very much for the interview Noah.

We are confident that he will provide many unforgettable stream moments with his funny manner. It is worth watching.


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