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Pleasant & unpleasant news

After a close 16:13 victory against “Team Monarchs CS:GO Academy” on Cache we had to take a loss, which excluded us from the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 Qualifier #2, fighting against “MIVERYA”. Winner of the second qualifier was “EURONICS Gaming”.

Additionally we have to announce that we do not longer work with our current CS:GO Pro Team. As if that wasn’t hard enough, our League of Legends Pro Team disbanded itself as well.

Somewhat more pleasant is the fact that the HTW Berlin CS:GO Team, our partners in the University eSports Germany League, dominated their second matchday with clear victories on both maps against “eSports Erlangen”. The team led by Phillip “flipse” Wagner won Cobblestone with a score of 16:4 and went on winning Mirage with a score of 16:1.

On March 23rd they will have their 4th matchday and have to compete against “cry' community [Siegen]”.


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