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Rain and wind ravaged the jungle this week

Rain and wind ravaged the jungle this week. After our team had to give up every possible point to Tribunal Esports the previous Wednesday, we had to fight against the favourites “Wind and Rain” last Wednesday.

The match was streamed on the Twitch Account of ESL_SummersersInn and cast by Maxim. As a patch, the 7.19 patch was used — so no Meta Evelynn was found in the game. In the first match, our coach Patrick dared a very brave draft: Gnar, Nidalee, Azir, Twisted Fate and Brand. The opponents answered this with the following picks: Cho Gath, Sejuani, Le Blanc, Xayah and Rakan.

The bans of ANGRY GORILLAS were: Caitlyn, Jarvan 4, Ezreal, Sivir and Morgana.

Wind and Rain banned these Champs: Jayce, Galio, Kalista, Thresh and Alistar


At the beginning our guys fought very well. Even Maxim, the Caster, noticed that Wind and Rain had some difficulties getting into the game. In the early game, a lot of kills fell for both sides. Unfortunately, Zazee quickly got a lot of kills and was also extremely ahead in the CS, which gave him a huge advantage over us.

After Wind and Rain had overthrown our first tower, the others followed within minutes. In the 18. Minute the game was basically over for us, as WAR Zazee was 9/3/1 with LeBlanc and impossible to kill. With his combo, it was not very difficult for him to take our tank Gnar out of the game. For the other gorillas, a simple “chain” was usually enough.

Also, the second game did not look much better for us after the Draft. ANGRY GORILLAS were Blue Side and had the first pick which secured us Caitlyn. Our team was completed with Gnar, Graves, Ryze and Lulu.

The opponents responded with the most powerful picks: Cho Gath and Tristana.

Wind and Rain completed their draft with Camille, Syndra and Thresh.

After obviously losing the Draft, Wind and Rain made a pretty strong start: First Blood Camille, Second Blood Syndra and another Kill for Camille.

All in All, you can say that we had to just take stick in the first 10 minutes and the opponent was 8k Gold leading ahead.

Through the early lead, Camille was quickly able to break the Toplane Turret.

Unlike the first match, you could already see after incredible 13 minutes, where the journey was going.

WAR tirelessly ran into the centre of the ANGRY GORILLAS, clearing up all team fights. It happened what had to happen: ANGRY GORILLAS lost 0-2 against the championship contender Wind and Rain. This week, the team of ALTERNATE aTTaX awaits us.



As unhappy as this encounter may have been, we are all the more than proud to share positive news from our CS:GO team

Both games were played on de_nuke. This map is known as a strong CT map and is difficult for the T to take.

In the first game we won directly the knife round against the “Boosted Bonobos” and could thus secure the CT side. At the beginning of the game it was very intense: we had to drop the first round but fortunately we could decide the second round for us. After losing three rounds in a row, we were able to reply with three winning rounds in a row.

The CT side ended with 9 to 6 for us, and so we were only 7 rounds away from a win. We were able to decide the decisive pistol round with very strong pistols and a good molli in the “Heaven” for us. After that, the “Boosted Bonobos” played some strong laps and the match was again very tight. At the stand of 12 to 11 coach Lars “KuschL” Krischey pulled the tactical break to get peace into the game. Unfortunately this did not give the desired result and the game was lost at the end with 14 to 16.

In the second encounter of the evening the Gorillas were able to take the energy from the previous match to their advantage.


They beat their opponent "MYTH OF SOMEONE" with 16 to 11 and secured the first points in the winter season with this win.

Nevertheless, we will give our best again in the upcoming week to secure points.



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Villi has already discovered the love of computer games quite early. Since spring of 2016 she is playing League of Legends. The first time she was in touch with Esport, was in the beginning of 2017, when she worked as a graphic designer for other named organizations. Since August 2017, she has been an integral part of the Angry Gorillas.