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“Choose your colour” is once again in the spotlight — but the ARCTIS 3 knows how to convince with all other functions at the same time. The entry-level headset of the new series is available in *three new colours* additional to the basic ones: black, white, grey, red and blue.

With this, the ARCTIS series of SteelSeries replaces the old SIBERIA series, which will gradually disappear from the shelves. In the ARCTIS series familiar strengths are used, but also numerous innovations make the ARCTIS a very special experience.

As usual, the SteelSeries headsets are lightweight construction which allows hours of gaming without neck pain. It is also very suitable for spectacle wearers. Here, a minimalist design was deliberately taken into account in order to be able to build the headsets ultra-light. Ski goggle straps are now available to achieve comfort and fit. These are available in a wide variety of colours and presentation forms. Also, the pressure with which the headset should rest on your ears, is adjustable and thus optimally adapted to individual needs.

The ARCTIS 3 comes directly with a 7.1 surround sound experience and leaves nothing to be desired. Whether just gaming, watching movies or playing matches in the ESL championship — the sound is just breathtaking for a headset in this price range. The whole thing can be adjusted to any situation via the SteelSeries Engine.

Communication is very important in eSports and any information can decide on victory or defeat — this is why the ClearCast microphone is used. This microphone comes close to studio quality. Your voice sounds extremely natural and ambient noise is directly suppressed. With this you can guarantee perfect communication on Lan Partys and Offline Finals with no disturbing background noise in the way.

Regarding accessories, SteelSeries remains true to its standard and, in addition to the 3.5 mm jack for microphone and sound — also includes the mobile phone connection cable. In addition, many supplemental parts are available in the SteelSeries shop. Starting from ear cushions, spare cables on to ski goggles — everything is there.

What remains to be said is that the ARCTIS series offers a great experience both — on the go and on the PC. Microphone deactivation and volume controller can be found on the earpiece and the microphone is hidden as usual in the ear cup. 

The ANGRY GORILLAS are talking about a clear purchase recommendation and give you a tip: With GÖNNDIR you can get 10% discount in the SteelSeries shop. Of course there is the ARCTIS also as wireless (ARCTIS 7) and USB headset (ARCTIS 5). 

We also have an ANGRY GORILLAS tech check video with xMeowlinax.




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