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ESL Summer Split

The ESL Meisterschaft Summer Split is coming, and in order to make an even bigger impact this Season, we made some changes in our Team-Lineup, both in CS:GO and LoL.

For League of Legends, three new Silverbacks are backing up Coach James „FireVortex“ Warren  and his Team.

These are the Newcomer in League of Legends:

Top/Jungle:  Marc-André „Fynnek“ Meyer

Top/Jungle:  Robin „ForestGumb“ Oetelshoven

Support: Yannick „ProtectADC“ Erbrecht

Our CS:GO Team gets a whole new Lineup. Team Captain David „kRYT3X“ Krumpholz will represent us in the future.

These are the Newcomer in CS:GO:

Captain/AWP: David „kRYT3X“ Krumpholz

IGL: Yannick „DyReX“ Endt

Entryfragger/Rifle: Besir „Taito“ A.

Rifle: Valentin „Valerius“ Kück

Support/Rifle: Tim „eNZY“ Jenke

Stand-In and Coach: Sandro „ A W A K E“ Lange

New Season, new Team-Lineup another chance to get the golden Bananas.



Playersheet Major
  • Major
  • Sebastian G. Langer
  • 1987-01-08 de
  • Berlin, Germany
  • eSports Director

Sebastian is a former cook, who started '98 as Semi-Pro in StarCraft 1 and went fast over to Counter-Strike & League of Legends and finally found its place in our monkey-house. He's our supervisor and caster about League of Legends with the instinct of an old Silverback.