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VCA Meister and relegation battle

The past two weeks were very exciting and tough for us. The final game day of the ESL Meisterschaft were about to happen, then the CS:GO Season ended and our ANGRY GORILLAS  were on their way to conquer Vienna.

After a faint start into the Season, our CS:GO Team were able to work their way back up. In the end they settled ,with eight wins and equal losses, in the middle on rank 38.

In the “EU CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft Division 2” 78 Teams competed for their ascent into the Champions League. At this point we want to congratulate the Playing Ducks, our other fellow SteelSeries members, for successfully accomplishing this season. For now our journey ends, but we will take this winter break to reposition our team and polish our skills and tactics. For one, former Team Captain Philip „Phil“ Herzer has decided to retire from his CS:GO career. He is now doing us the honor in guiding our CS:GO sector.

In League of Legends we had a tough program left. First we had „Aequilibritas eSport“ infront of us. Despite two strong matches, the score ended up to be one to one and we could only secure three points and were ranked 9^th^ with nine points.

On the penultimate game day, we had to play against the team from Switzerland „SPGeSports“. Unfortunatly we lost two rounds in a row. For the last upcoming game day we will challenging the German cup holder „Mysterious Monkeys“. The winner in this jungle derby will maintain their place in the relegation battle and for the defeated one it´s season end.

It remains exciting in the ESL Meisterschaft.

In the past few weeks, we frequently reported about the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena 2017. It was held on November 17^th^ till 19^th^ in Vienna. Our Team was able to prevail against 298 Teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The semifinal was held in Vienna, and our ANGRY GORILLAS had to fight against Division 2 Rank 6^th^ „Team Riverside“. In a Best of 3,our guys had problems to cope with their new environment, which lead to their first loss. But soon after they calmed down and proccessed their thoughts they striked back and took the last two sets from their opponents.

In a Best of 5 Final, the ANGRY GORILLA stood against „Bait of the Ruined King“ from another bracket. Our team was well rested and after showing who is boss in the semifinal, they beat their opponent efortless with three to zero. 

The AngryGorillas became Meister of the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena 2017. They recived 2500€ prize money, a lot RiotPoints and of course a trophy.

 Our Winner Line-Up

Top Lane
Pascal “Feedley” Rieskneuwöhner
Theofilos “Tunaraz” Papadopoulos
Mid Lane
Johannes “Jochnes“ Leo
Aaron “Zeniv” Salák
Yannick “ProtectADC” Erbrecht
Head Coach 
Nicholas “NekoNero” Müller

Coach Nicholas “NekoNero” Müller suprised everyone with splendid drafts, with those even six ADC bans weren´t a problem. All in all the ANGRY GORILLAS showed a phenomenal performance in Vienna. On the side of ADC-player Aron „Zeniv“ Salák, Support-player Yannick „ProtectADC“ Erbrecht wowed the audience with his Joker gameplay, both did a fantastic job. We also like to point out a stunning 1 v 5 from our Top-Laner Pascal „Feedley“ Rieskneuwöhner, the lovely Level 2 ganks of Jungler Theofilos „Tunaraz“ Papadopoulos and not to mention those karmaplays of Johannes „Jochnes“ Leo.

Semifinal aG vs. Team Riverside: VOD
Finale aG vs. Blade of the Ruined King : VOD
Play of the Week (VCA): LINK

Also we like to thank all event organisers : Riot Games, Adjudictators GER, Vienna Comic Con, Messe WienReedPOP and all helping staff.

Thank you for an awesome Event.

What´s left, are the current german cup holder Mysterious Monkeys in the last match of the ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2017.



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Villi has already discovered the love of computer games quite early. Since spring of 2016 she is playing League of Legends. The first time she was in touch with Esport, was in the beginning of 2017, when she worked as a graphic designer for other named organizations. Since August 2017, she has been an integral part of the Angry Gorillas.