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Wanted: Players for a new Female-Team!

Hello everyone,

the Angry Gorillas looking for women to build a CSGO Female-Team.

What we offer:

- respectful treatment

- serious management

- own servers (TeamSpeak 3 with private area , CSGO Root etc.)

- coaching

- time to prepare you for all upcoming events (League / LAN etc.) 

- streaming (Twitchchannel, Youtube)

What we expect:

- 18+

- success-oriented ( cup attendance / league)

- long-term nature ( not just for a week )

- committed towards our community

If you are interested in a professional environment where you can develop your skills, please send your application to:

Sebastian Gottfried Langer
Director of eSports


Playersheet Major
  • Major
  • Sebastian G. Langer
  • 1987-01-08 de
  • Berlin, Germany
  • eSports Director

Sebastian is a former cook, who started '98 as Semi-Pro in StarCraft 1 and went fast over to Counter-Strike & League of Legends and finally found its place in our monkey-house. He's our supervisor and caster about League of Legends with the instinct of an old Silverback.