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We reached offline finals

Yesterday we had a whole lot of matches to fight in. Our CS:GO Fire Team fought against “Visionary.Gaming” in the ESL Open League but sadly lost 0:2. First map was de_cache, second was de_nuke.


Our CS:GO Main Team encountered “CHIEFS & TRIBES” and took a 10:16 loss on their board, which let them slip down to rank #22 in the ESL Meisterschaft CS:GO Sommer 2017 Major Ladder. But the final chapter has not yet been written, gorillas are known to fight.


Rather good news is coming from the “HTW Berlin eSports” Team which currently has been qualified for the offline finals of the University eSports Germany CS:GO Season 1 which will be held in Karlsruhe end of the month. After a hard fight with “cry’ community [Siegen]” on de_mirage we took the win in OT with a score of 19:15. Second game wasn’t our best, on de_cbbl Siegen beat us with 9:16 so the decider was de_train, on which both teams gave their best .. on the road to Karlsruhe. After a intense match, filled with sweat and technical difficulties “HTW Berlin eSports” managed to win the decider with a score of 19:15 in first OT.



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  • Miles Döring
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  • Berlin, Germany
  • PR Director

Miles Döring, a student for international media and computing, is now in charge of social media and the online / offline presence around our highly prestigious teams. This Gorilla is here, to bring you the fastest news fresh out of the jungle!