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Winter is coming

Sommerbreak is over and we go straight into the winterseason. We have seen a couple of changes in our Line-Ups in our LOL division we have four new talents and EYES ON U ex jungler “Tunaraz”, our CS:GO division faces changes aswell as reported in the last news .

Last wednesday we had our first match in the ESL Meisterschaft. Our young LoL roster had to face “Tribunal eSports” (TRB), we had high expectations for our first matchup in germanys highest LoL  but in the same time were overanxious and unconcentratred which in the end sealed our fate for the first day.

In the beginning we came along with a good draft: Cho'gath, Nidalee, Syndra, Tristana and Braum and on the opponent's side Gnar, Sejuani, Viktor, Varus and Morgana. But TRB Sacre’s superior playstyle with his Gnar brought us to our knees and we had to give away game one.


Game two should go in a whole other direction, and Headcoach Patrick “Patbercoach” Bertelsbeck put everything on the line. He sent out our young ADC  Aaron “Zeniv” Salák with Twitch, supported by Jarvan, Morgana, Shen and Galio. On TRB’s side Fiora, Sejuani, Orianna, Tristana and Braum gave us a hard time to get into the game. And again “Sacre” took our chances for points on day one.


Our result, zero out of six points for us on day one.

On day two “Wind and Rain”, who defeated the champion of the last ESLM on both matches on day one, will be our opponent.

Coming to our CS:GO division we had quite a busy start. Our CS:GO team had to play four encounter in the CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft Division 2, sleepy from the long break our team started against “Team-ingame” where the boys had to take a 16 to 1 loss. Second game again de_cobble facing


“Team Faust” with ex gorillas Gorillas Alex “eclipse” K. and Michael “wazzzzzup” Breue on their roster ended in a 16 to 5 loss too.

“Super-Tuesday” was also packed with games, first we encountered “S Q U A D” on de_inferno where we had a good start and got 8 rounds but ended up with nothing more than a 16 to 8 result. With that as a sign to our headcoach Lars “KuchhL” Krischney and his team they started fighting and faced “HAMBURGER EISBRECHER” with the will to fight but sadly ended up with a 16 to 4 loss on de_inferno.

Next week our CS:GO Mainteam faces “Boosted Bonobos” and “MYTH OF SOMEONE” on de_nuke.

Even with these results we Gorillas won’t stop fighting, the upward path is a hard one. We will fight for every point and we will earn us our rewards.

Our LOL team successfully qualified for the “Vienna Challenger Arena” (VCA) finals. In november the best four teams will meet in Vienna at the Comic Con to fight out who’s the best.

VCA 2017



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