Roster Overview

  • Head Management
  • Team Management
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike:GO
  • Playersheet Luzo
    • luzo
    • Patrick Fiedler
    • 1989-09-27 de
    • Bremen
    • Supporter/Rifle

    Patrick 'luzo' Fiedler already reached some eSport goals. For example he already played in the ESL Major Ladder Germany, reached a hig place at the EPS Relegation and played in the EPS Cup. Within the team he is the supporter.

  • Playersheet Jln
    • jLN
    • Julien Chmelnik
    • de 1996-12-05
    • Rinteln
    • Rifler / Entry

    Julien 'jLN' Chmelnik plays CSGO since 2014. Within this time he feels most comfartable with the Rifler position. He also fills this position in our team. During his non-CS:GO-time he is studying computer science.

  • Playersheet Keltn
    • kELTN
    • Justin Kriegsmann
    • 1999-05-24 de
    • Neubrandenburg
    • Support/Lurker

    Justin 'kELTN' Kriegsmann plays CS:GO on a competetive level since 2 years. During his past career he could gather experience which he uses within the ANGRY GORILLAS CS:GO team and supports all teammates.

  • Playersheet Scofield
    • Scofield
    • Rafael Kopytto
    • de 1994-04-15
    • Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    • IGL / Allrounder

    Rafael 'Scofield' Kopytto plays CS:GO since 2014. He reached the first division at 99damage. His crosshair placement is amazing. As an allrounder he fits into each role and is our in game leader.