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League of Legends
  • Playersheet Iam Kees
    • I am Kees
    • Roshan Visser
    • 2001-03-17 nl
    • Delft
    • Toplane

    Visser 'I am Kees' Roshan is an aspiring League of Legends pro. He can be found in the rift for more than 7 years now. During this time he tried every role but found himself most comfortable on the toplane. But probably the most important part is that he loves pie. And as a gorilla most likely banana pie.

  • Playersheet Coatpustmain
    • Coatpustmain
    • Zidaru Laurentiu
    • ro 1994-12-13
    • Alba Iulia, Romanian
    • Top Lane

    Our romanian toplaner Zidaru "Coatpustmain" Laurentiu has several champion titles and peaks at place one on EUNE-server. He brings a lot of experience to the team and will teach the enemies the meaning of fear on the toplane. While not playing with our team he most likely is streaming his challenger runs.

  • Playersheet Tunaraz
    • Tunaraz
    • Theofilos Papadopoulos
    • 1997-08-22 gr
    • Köln, Germany
    • Jungle

    Theofilos „Tunaraz“ Papadopoulos is our jungler. Though this is his main position he also likes to play top- and midlane. Tunaraz always shows a lot of motivation and has an iconic way to show his annoyance with a simple “ach mann” (oh man) which makes his teammates always laugh. His teammates consider him a family guy.

  • Playersheet Nemesis
    • Nemesis
    • Philip Maron
    • de 1996-03-13
    • Nürnberg, Germany
    • Jungle

    Each team needs a break clown. Our is named Philip 'Nemesis' Maron. But in the jungle he is not a person to be trifled with. There he has no regard for anyone. If he is not telling jokes he is probably doing shotcalls.

  • Playersheet Jochnes
    • Jochnes
    • Johannes Leo
    • 1998-09-15 de
    • Braunschweig, Germany
    • Mid

    Johannes "Jochnes" Leo is a League of Legends midlaner with more than 5 years of experience. He likes the Midlane, because he is the center point of the game and has to pay attention to this position very well on all other lanes. He has a strong mentality and the ability to evaluate the game in difficult situations rather than emotionally. If he is not playing league of legends or streaming on twitch, he watches animes or plays with his dog Celina. His favorite anime is: "nantsu no taizai"

  • Playersheet Zeniv
    • Zeniv
    • Aaron Salák
    • de 2000-02-18
    • Mannheim, Germany
    • Marksman

    Aaron “Zeniv” Salák is a former high elo Midlane main — but feels comfortable with every role. He is now playing as ADC for our aG main team. Aaron is an ambitious performer and hopes to be able to participate once at the LCS. His favourite champs are Vayne, Kalista and Kog Maw.

  • Playersheet Lennert
    • Lennert
    • Lenny Welter
    • 1995-08-10 bel
    • Walhorn, Belgium
    • Support

    Our team captain Lenny “Lennert” Welter is known to be the calming influence of the team — who keeps his calm even in difficult situations and stays focused. As a passionate player, he is never losing his temper. He has been playing League of Legends since Season 2. In his free time, the Belgian sunny boy enjoys watching the series “Suits” and plays table tennis in a club.