Roster Overview

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  • Team Management
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike:GO
  • Playersheet Xmeowlinax
    • xMeowlinax
    • Marie Wiedenbeck
    • 1995-08-19 de
    • Dresden, Germany
    • Streamer

    Marie "xMeowlinax" Wiedenbeck is a high class gamergirl and deeply committed in the Streaming scene with over 10000 followers on Twitch. This lovely redhead Gorilla-Kitty is now part of our Media and Streaming section.

  • Playersheet Freiraumreh
    • freiraumreh
    • Kim Adam
    • de 1990-09-03
    • Köln, Germany
    • Streamer

    For more than 2 years Kim "freiraumreh" Adam streams on Twitch and reveals her gamingpassion there. The catogory IRL is another thing she enjoys and therfore invites you for example to join her for brunch. She can be enthusiastic for almost everything and will work on that topic with 110% of her power.

  • Playersheet Missmagicmid
    • MissMagicMid
    • Lisa Lang
    • 1996-01-02 de
    • München, Germany
    • Streamer

    Lisa "MissMagicMid" has been streaming since more than two years as a hobby. She often streams LOL, PUBG and Overwatch. Nevertheless, Lisa isn't specified to one game and enjoys trying new games too. If she's not streaming or taking care of her many pets - she's most likely studying for her medical engineering studies.

  • Playersheet Horstor
    • Horstor
    • Timo Prestin
    • de 1987-12-04
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Streamer/Player

    Timo “Horstor” Prestin, a prehistoric rock of esports history, former counterstrike pro player and commentator now streams fulltime PUBG, CS:GO, The Witcher an much more.

  • Playersheet Goodspeed
    • goodspeed
    • Martin Muc
    • 1986-12-05 de
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Streamer/Player

    Martin aka “goodspeed”, a veteran on various battlegrounds shows us his talent on Twitch in either CS:GO or PUBG where he and “Horstor” dominate the field.

  • Playersheet Jidowu
    • JidoWu
    • Noah Salák
    • de 2003-01-10
    • Mannheim, Germany
    • Streamer

    Noah "JidoWu" Salák already discovered streaming at the age of 14. He plays every kind of game, from MOBAs to shooters or even speedruns. He is a nice person who always stays calm, even if he or his mates fail. His open-minded and funny type is very popular at his friends. If he is not Streaming or doing something with his friends, he is probably playing the piano or playing Tennis.

  • Playersheet Lordkosta
    • LordKosta
    • Konstantinos Katevas
    • 1993-09-29 de
    • Tübingen, Germany
    • Streamer

    Konstantinos "LordKosta" Katevasis is our Play-By-Play Caster for League of Legends and other moba's with much off and online experience. This little hairy friend already commented on big live events like DreamHack Leipzig '16 and the Luxembourg Gaming Experience '16.

  • Playersheet Ratschke2
    • Ratschke
    • Randy Bonkowski
    • de 1991-09-08
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Streamer

    Randy "Ratschke" Bonkowski, often referred as "Bengel" is the hairiest of our streamer. Watch this Gorilla playing HOTS, Arma, ESO and a bunch of other random games in his natural environment.